2015 Andy Harrison

Brian Jones

Andy was brought up a good kid in the Plymouth Brethren, with church 7 days a week and 5 times on a Sunday!

He loved motorcycles right from childhood, wanting to ride with a hardcore bike gang.

When his teenage brother was thrown out of the church, Andy left soon after. He completely rebelled against his background and got into booze, cocaine and marijuana.

His conscience started getting to
him but he tried to drown it out with yet more chemicals. He always felt guilty the morning after, so he tried harder to blot it out with more drink and drugs... but it didn't work!

Andy is now happy, living well, and riding Harleys-
how did he get sorted out? What changed in his life?

29th Jan 2015, 7:30pm at World Red Hot Buffet Restaurant, (by Cineworld), Nottingham Cornerhouse, NG1 4DB.

The meeting programme is:

7:30 Meeting opens
7:40 Buffet
8:30 Brief outline of the evening & future events
8:35 Presentation of the vision of FGBMFI Nottingham
8:40 Some short stories
9:00 Andy Harrison speaks
9:30 Prayer & ministry at the front for those who want it.
9:40 Official close

This event is open to everyone, without booking, but World Red Hot Buffer charge £13.99 for dinner, with drinks extra. Please bring your friends!

The dress code is anything from smart casual to suits- the really important thing is that you come, not what you wear.

If you are a Christian, please try to bring a non-Christian. It's a non-threatening environment so they should be safe!

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